Advice for Businesses

This information provides some basic fire safety guidance on keeping your business safe from fire.

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Businesses have a duty to comply with the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the associated Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006.

Duties imposed by the legislation fall into seven general categories:

  • Carrying out a fire safety risk assessment of the premises
  • Identifying the fire safety measures necessary as a result of the fire safety risk assessment outcome
  • Implementing these fire safety measures using risk reduction principles
  • Putting in place fire safety arrangements for the on-going control and review of the fire safety measures
  • Complying additionally with the specific requirements of the fire safety regulations
  • Keeping the fire safety risk assessment and outcome under review
  • Record keeping
There will be thousands of people heading towards Glasgow and event venues during July and August to enjoy the atmosphere during the Championships.  Many of them will need accommodation.

Premises such as hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast establishments must make sure their property and guests are safe from the potentially devastating effects of fire.

  • Ensure your fire risk assessment is up-to-date and adhered to. Take action to address any significant risks you identify.
  • Make sure you’ve got an adequate fire detection and warning system in place
  • Advise guests of fire safety procedures; alarms, escape routes and who to call in an emergency
  • Make sure your employees, including temporary staff, are fully aware of the fire routine procedure for raising the alarm and evacuating the premises
  • Ensure escape routes are not blocked
  • Make sure your premises does not become overcrowded

You can find more information in our Legislative Fire Safety section.

Remember – if circumstances change, review your Fire Risk Assessment!

If you discover a fire or hear the fire alarm:
  • Sound the alarm (break-glass call point) - if you discover a fire
  • Leave the building
  • Report to your assembly point
  • Make sure the Fire and Rescue Service has been called – phone 999 and give the full address of the premises