Our Corporate Structure

Based in Cambuslang, our Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is responsible for delivering the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service on behalf of the Board.

The SLT is headed up by Chief Officer Alasdair Hay, who joined the fire service as a trainee firefighter in 1983 and worked his way up through the ranks before being appointed as the first Chief Officer of the Scottish Fire and Rescue service in Autumn 2012.

Our Service is managed by five functional directorates and delivered through three regional service delivery Headquarters.

Response and Resilience

Assistant Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay heads up our Response and Resilience function and is responsible for ensuring the delivery of our first class emergency response service.

Our Response and Resilience teams make sure we have the right resources available at the right time and in the right locations to serve the people of Scotland.

Prevention and Protection

The more informed people are about the dangers of fire and other emergencies, the more chance they have of ensuring their own and other people’s safety. Responsibility for this key area of service lies with Assistant Chief Officer David McGown, who heads up our Prevention and Protection teams.

Finance and Contractual Services

We view how we spend our budget and how we manage contracts as crucial functions and making sure that we make the best use of all our resources is a key part of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s mission. Responsibility for these functions lies with Sarah O’Donnell, our Director of Finance and Contractual Services.

People and Organisational Development

We know that there are approximately 8,000 firefighters and support staff who make up the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are our greatest asset. We firmly believe that by investing in their future, we can not only make our organisation stronger but can make Scotland safer.

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Strategic Planning, Performance and Communications

Supporting the Service to meet it strategic planning, performance and transformation vision is vital for this directorate, as is our effective communication and engagement with staff, the public and stakeholders.  These functions along with ensuring that we are legally compliant across the range of legislation that impacts us and providing business support services is the responsibility of Mark McAteer who is the Director of Strategic Planning, Performance and Communications.

North, West and East Service Delivery HQs

Scotland may be a small country, but it’s also pretty diverse and we recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach to the delivery of fire and rescue services is unlikely to meet the needs of all our communities. To ensure we deliver the best possible service across Scotland, our work is delivered locally from three strategically positioned area Headquarters.

  • North - Deputy Assistant Chief Officer David Farries
  • East - Deputy Assistant Chief Officer Alasdair Perry
  • West - Deputy Assistant Chief Officer Peter Heath

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