SFRS Board

The SFRS Board is following national guidelines and this is impacting on how we conduct our business.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is placing an unprecedented and dynamic set of challenges on individuals and organisations across the UK and beyond. The SFRS Board is following national guidelines and this is having an impact on how we will be able to conduct our business in the immediate period.

For the foreseeable future, all essential business of the SFRS Board or its Committees will be conducted via video or telephone conference with participating members and senior officers dialling in from various locations. As a result, there will be no facilities for stakeholders or members of the public to attend and observe SFRS Board or Committee meetings or for any suitable recordings of the public session of the SFRS Board to be captured.

As you will appreciate, this is an unprecedented situation and we hope to be able to revert to business as usual as soon as possible when it is safe to do so. Until such time, all agendas and papers for meetings will continue to be published on the SFRS’s Website in advance of meetings. As of March 2021, recordings of all public Board and Committee meetings will also be published on the SFRS’s Website as soon as practicable following the meeting. A full minute will also be published once it has been approved.

Information on the expectations of the Board including the Register of Interests can be found in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Board - Members' Code of Conduct.

For more information about the SFRS Board, contact the Board Support Team by email -