13 December 2018

The next meeting of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Board takes place on Thursday 13 December 2018 at 13:30 hrs at SFRS College, Portlethen, Aberdeen AB12 4RR

Papers for consideration at the meeting:



Approved Minutes of meeting 25 October 2018

Special Minutes of meeting held 29 November 2018

Approved Special Board Minutes of meeting 29 November 2018

Action Log

Decision Log

Chair's Report

Chief Officer's Report

Resource Budget Monitoring Report

Capital Monitoring Report

Procurement Strategy

Delegation of Authority to sign LGPS documentation associated with TUPE transfer of SFRS staff

Transformation High Level Planning

Corporate Parenting Plan Annual Update

Strategic Plan 2019-22 Development Update

Annual Operating Plan 2018-19 Q2 Progress Report

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee draft minutes of meeting 9 October 2018