30 April 2020

The next SFRS Board meeting will take place on Thursday 30 April 2020 at 10.00am by Conference Facilities.


Minutes of Previous Meeting - 26 March 2020

Action Log

Decision Log

Chair's Report

Chief Officer's update Report



Audit & Risk Assurance: Draft Minutes of Meeting 25 March 2020

Service Delivery: Draft Minutes of Meeting 12 March 2020

Staff Governance: Draft Minutes of Meeting 5 March 2020

Integrated Governance: Draft Minutes of Meeting 25 March 2020


Amended Annual Operating plan (2020-21)

Annual Governance Review of Board and Committee Related Items

SFRS Governance Information Related to COVID-19

Forward Planning and Recovery Group Framework

Annual Operating Plan Q3 Progress Report

Board Summary Performance Report Q3

Review of Internal Communications and Engagement

Business Intelligence Review

Forward Plan