Volunteers Week - Gail Cook

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Former ambulance auxiliary, firefighter and snackbar owner Gail Cook speaks of her current volunteer role in the SFRS.

Gail Cook Gail Cook has helped protect communities as a volunteer firefighter for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service over these past 15 years.

She started her volunteer career as an auxiliary with the Scottish Ambulance Service before joining the SFRS and becoming Watch Manager at Minard Community Fire Station.

When she is not responding to emergencies across East and West Dunbartonshire, Argyll and Bute, Gail operates her own snackbar in Lochgilphead.

Gail also served two years as a retained duty firefighter.

She spoke of her role as the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service this week celebrates the outstanding work of all of its volunteers.

Each and every day they work to protect communities, raise vital charity funding and preserve the heritage of the world’s fourth largest emergency service.

We are launching this campaign as part of Volunteers Week, a celebration of notable people across the UK between June 1-7.

Gail said: “Educating the younger generation is a fantastic part of volunteering to me.

“We recently had a visit to the station from the local school – the looks on their faces when they get to have a look around a real fire appliance is always great.

“A part of our work is being a role model for the younger people, and giving something back to the community.”