Deliberate fires down in Aberdeen City

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The performance report was presented to the committee today.


Aberdeen City has seen the number of deliberate fires reduce by 22 per cent over the last five years.

But the cities new Local Senior Officer Bruce Farquharson says his firefighters will continue with their extensive efforts to keep people safe.

The most recent figures from April – September also show the number of people injured as a result of fire have dropped to 19 compared to 21 from the previous year.

A high number of these casualties were treated at the scene and suffered from minor injuries.

However unwanted fire alarm signals have increased to over 10 per cent over a five year period.

But not all of these types of calls are unwanted – some are as a result of domestic smoke alarms actuating and are marked as ‘False alarm – Good intent’

The figures also show deliberate house fires have reduced by 10 percent from 19 in the previous year to 17 in the current period.

The statistics were released at a meeting with Aberdeen City Council on Wednesday, November 8.

LSO Bruce Farquharson said: “It’s pleasing to have seen some positive figures across the area and we will continue to check statistics to help keep the community safe.

“Although after an increase in unwanted fire alarm signal incidents we are continuing to engage with the responsible person and give advice on how to prevent further calls.”

The recent statistics have also shown a reduction in both accidental and deliberate fires within non domestic properties from 62 in the previous year to 40 in the current period.

LSO Farquharson added: “We have taken a partnership approach to focus on this type of incident and regularly work to ensure derelict properties are as secure as possible to reduce the risk of fire.

“While we have seen a decrease in deliberate fire setting we will continue to carry out Community Safety Engagement sessions with selected young persons to help change behaviours and prevent further instances of wilful fire raising.

“Although it is also very positive to see a decreasing trend in accidental dwelling fires I would encourage members of the community to arrange a free Home Fire Safety Visit for either themselves or someone they think could benefit from one – it could save a life.”

The Committee took the opportunity to thank the crews for their efforts on the run up and during bonfire night.

Firefighters attended 28 bonfire related incidents in the area on November 5.

To register for a FREE Home Fire Safety Visit call the SFRS Freephone number: 0800 0731 999, or visit the website at

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