Increase in deliberate fires during summer months

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SFRS crews were called to 473 deliberate fires in the space of just two months

There is traditionally a rise in the number of deliberate fires across Scotland over the summer months.

These include refuse and wheelie bin fires, fires in stairwells or derelict buildings.

The latest figures show there were 473 deliberate primary fires such as buildings between June, 26 and August, 28 2017.

This is a decrease of 62 from 2017.

But SFRS would like to remind the public to not enter derelict premises. They can be extremely dangerous for those who enter them, and for crews who are called to respond to fires within them.

These buildings may be structurally unsafe, there may be trip and fall hazards and often there is broken glass and other debris lying around.

There are a number of ways the public can help prevent deliberate fires.

Click here for more information - /your-safety/deliberate-fires.aspx

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