Firefighters remain at the scene of Sauchiehall Street fire for a third day

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Around twenty firefighters are still in attendance

Photo courtesy of Richie Brown

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service remains in attendance for a third day at Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street following a significant fire.

At its height, more than 120 firefighters and 20 fire engines were mobilised to the city centre after the alarm was raised at 8.18am on Thursday, March 22.

Around 20 firefighters and four fire engines remain in attendance and firefighting is ongoing on Saturday, March 24.

Atmospheric testing has concluded that there is no risk to the public from asbestos.

Assistant Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay is the SFRS Director of Response and Resilience and was the Incident Commander at the crucial early stages of the fire.

He said: “We still have crews actively firefighting and taking progressive action to fully extinguish the fire.

“Considerable resources will be in place for the next few days and we will continue to monitor the progress.

“We will remain on the scene for as long as it takes and we are absolutely committed to preventing any further damage to surrounding properties and ensuring the area is made safe.”

An investigation will be carried out in due course to establish the cause of the fire.

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