SFRS senior officer takes baby birds under his wings

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A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service senior officer has taken three baby birds under his wings at his home in Inverness.

If you’ve been following Deputy Assistant Chief Officer John MacDonald on Twitter (@JMacDonald_SFRS‬), you’ll see the daily progress of the blackbirds under his care.

He took them in earlier this month after discovering that a dog had attacked their mother, who sadly didn’t survive.

DACO MacDonald said: “Luckily the nest was still intact so I brought the birds into my house for warmth and shelter.

“I called the Scottish SPCA who gave me great advice on how to look after them and I’ve been researching online too.

“They are getting stronger each day and are becoming three individual characters.

“They sit in a box beside me when I’m home working and it’s a real pleasure watching them develop.”

John is nurturing them with raw mince and sugary water to help them grow. He started off putting the food in their mouths, but he’s trying to help them become less reliant on him so he’s been leaving food inside the box so that they can help themselves.

He’s also given them a perch to allow them to develop balance and strength.

DACO MacDonald added: “They have been attempting a few test flights by jumping and stretching their wings and my kitchen seems to be the perfect training ground.

“My wife, son and daughter have all really enjoyed the whole experience of looking after the birds during lockdown.

“Whenever the birds are strong enough to fly the nest, I look forward to being able to return them to the wild and their natural habitat and it would be nice in a way if they stick around in my garden for a little while at least.”

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