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Youth Volunteer Scheme

SFRS Youth Volunteer Scheme (YVS) is a national youth initiative that creates opportunities for young people aged 12-18 to work together for a Safer Scotland.

The main objective of YVS is to provide a safe, welcoming, enjoyable and fun environment where young people can learn as individuals, develop positive relationships and actively work together for a safer Scotland. The scheme provides a great opportunity for young people across Scotland to develop their skillset and make a valuable contribution to their local communities, whilst gaining a unique insight into life at a working fire station.

By participating in the programme, young people will have a practical understanding of the SFRS and play a supportive role in their communities as SFRS youth volunteers; supporting development and enhancing inter-personal skills and confidence.

All our staff, volunteers and youth volunteers play a crucial role in making Scotland safer. Being part of SFRS is a rewarding experience and many of the people who contribute to our shared vision share a strong sense of belonging and commitment. People who represent the SFRS are widely viewed as role models within our communities. Youth Volunteers will develop this representation to ensure that our future engagement continues to promote safer communities whilst developing our young citizen’s skills for life, learning and work; promoting fairness and equality through active participation and engagement opportunities.

The YVS is not about recruiting future firefighters and we cannot guarantee any young person further employment or involvement in SFRS. However, what we can guarantee is that we will offer as much support and guidance as possible to young people with an interest in the Service and anyone who participates in this scheme will grow in confidence and be equipped with improved life skills as they volunteer as young ambassadors for SFRS.

Youth Volunteer Schemes run locally at the following fire stations: Alloa, Campbeltown, Coatbridge, Dumbarton, Kilmarnock, Kilwinning, Livingston, Methil, Peterhead, Stranraer and Wick.

Further schemes in Helensburgh, Lerwick (Shetland), and Tobermory are to be implemented in due course.

Find out more by visiting the YVS Facebook and Twitter pages at:

Next Steps

If you would like to be involved by becoming a Youth Volunteer, and you are aged 12-17, please complete this form to register your interest, stating the area in which you live. Please note you will only be contacted if there is a scheme running in your area. Where spaces are limited, you may be placed on a waiting list.


If you are over the age of 18 and interested in becoming a Volunteer Youth Instructor, vacancies will be advertised through MyJob Scotland, you can also email the above address for further information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the scheme run for?

YVS has three phases which will take approximately three years to complete. Young people must leave the scheme after completing the three phases or by their 18th birthday - whichever comes first.

What are the travel arrangements?

Young people must make their own way to and from the station for weekly sessions.

When does the group meet?

Meeting times vary depending on the local scheme. YVSs meet in the evenings, after school hours, roughly 2-3hrs per week. Sometimes the group meet at other times to carryout community engagement activities. These are organised in advance.

How many people are in each group?

Between 10 – 20 young people and around 8 adults who are called Volunteer Youth Instructors.

What does a Youth Volunteer wear?

SFRS YVS have their own uniform which, if you become a Youth Volunteer, will be given to you (after you have completed your induction) to wear when representing SFRS. It is your responsibility to take it home and keep it clean. You will also get personal protective clothing (PPE) this is your fire kit that you will wear when carrying out drills. This stays at the fire station.

What activities do Youth Volunteers get involved in?

The scheme offers a varied programme that gives you an awareness of the SFRS. It will include some lessons on community safety and you will get a chance to try some of the tasks that firefighter’s carryout in their job. All activities are based on team work so it is important you work together with your peers. There are also community events that you will be supported to get involved in.

How much does it cost?

Although there is no formal charge to be a SFRS Youth Volunteer, a donation of £1 - £2 per session is suggested that would support the local scheme to organise any additional events you may wish to be involved in, such as summer camps and extra activities.