Switch off before you go on holiday

switch off before you set off

Every hour, every day there is a house fire in Scotland.  But you don’t need to be in your house for fire to break out.  Things like electrical appliances – televisions, hair straighteners, computers – are more likely to cause a fire if they are accidentally left switched on for long periods of time, for example when people go on holiday for a week or two. 

So if you’re about to set off for a much needed relaxing holiday we would ask you to switch off electrical appliances and take a moment to consider our fire safety advice before you set off.

  • Take a moment to list what you need to switch off and unplug. (Maybe you could do this when making a list of what to pack for your holiday.)
  • Turn off all non-essential appliances and unplug them before leaving your property.  (Some appliances, such as fridges, freezers, DVD players and consoles are designed to be left on, but if you're not sure check the manufacturer’s details.)
  • Don’t leave washing machines or dishwashers on.
  • Make sure not to leave glass items in the windows of your home as the sun can be magnified through these and start a fire when you’re not there.
  • Close all internal doors.  If there is a fire, each closed door will delay fire from spreading.
  • Make sure all windows are closed too.  In addition to making your home more secure, if fire does break out the air from an open window can feed the fire.
  • Check your smoke alarms are working so that neighbours will be alerted.  
  • Ask neighbours to keep an eye on your home while you are away and if you can, leave a key with them.
  • Before you leave, have a last quick check to make sure nothing has been left on.