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On Call Firefighter Recruitment

On call firefighters

On call firefighters are a vital part of the SFRS, providing a professional emergency fire and rescue service to their local communities 24/7.

The role of an on call firefighter is not a full-time role. They report to the community fire station to respond to an emergency call out, from their home or their primary place of work, during their agreed on call hours. On call firefighters also deliver community safety programmes and attend weekly training nights to maintain operational standards.

What's involved?

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES - Educate the local community on fire safety and carry out home fire safety visits / deliver fire safety advice and identify potential risks within the home, delivering important water safety and prevention of wildfire advice.

OPERATIONAL ACTIVITIES - Attend all types of emergencies, e.g. fires, road traffic collisions, rescue of persons, floods, incidents involving hazardous materials as well as supporting partner agencies when required.

NON-OPERATIONAL ACTIVITIES - Develop and maintain skills by attending drill nights, training courses and exercises.


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What is the difference between the retained and volunteer duty systems?

On call firefighters operate on either the Retained Duty System or the Volunteer Duty System. The roles are broadly similar, however the terms and conditions associated with each system are slightly different.

Before you apply, we recommend that you identify your local station, whether this is a retained or volunteer station and then take the time to read all the information available within the relevant section below.

Your local station will fall under either one or the other, and this will determine which role you are applying for.

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Find your nearest on call firestation

Did you know that there are 356 fire stations in Scotland; 240 of which are Retained Stations; 23 are Wholetime/Retained Stations and 42 are Volunteer Stations - including nine Community Response Units, located within the Scottish Highlands.

To find your nearest On Call Firefighter Station, use the station finder below or check out the map of stations for your area:

Station finder

Loch Long

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