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Selection Centre

The Selection Centre will consist of two parts comprising an engagement session and a formal interview and presentation. These are currently held virtually. You will be assessed against SFRS values and key firefighter role competencies.

At this stage in the process we seek to match the candidate’s potential skills, abilities and knowledge with those stated in the Firefighter role map detailed within the job description.

If invited to a Selection Centre we recommended that you familiarise yourself with the SFRS Values and the Firefighter Job Description. You may also find it useful to review your application ahead of attendance and have a think about how you meet the key competencies for the role and how you can demonstrate this by being able to talk through specific examples. When you are choosing an example, you are encouraged to think about situations at work, college, in your home life, in your hobbies, or in any other clubs or organisations you may be a member of. It is important that you choose an example that is clear in your memory, so that you will be able to confidently talk your interviewers through what you did and why.

Ensure that your responses are well structured, clear and concise.  You may find it useful to consider the STAR technique, to help structure your answer;

  • Situation – outline the context and background to the situation
  • Task – explain what you were tasked with
  • Action – explain your role, detailing actions taken and why
  • Result – outline the outcome and any lessons learnt