First-class firefighters simulate dramatic rescue of ‘injured crane operator’

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Crew show off their skills and expertise in staged mercy mission 115 feet off the ground

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First-class firefighters recently staged the dramatic rescue of an ‘injured crane operator’ -  115 feet off the ground, and crews seized the opportunity to use a crane at the construction site of the new East Kilbride Health Centre, Lanarkshire to hone their skills.

During the exercise, the eight-man team was tasked with reaching a crane operator suffering back injuries and safely lowering them to the ground.

Firefighter Mark McDonald – who has 18 years’ experience under his belt – is pictured lowering the ‘casualty’ with assistance from colleagues.

East Kilbride Station Manager Eddie Kelly said: “We continually train for all scenarios to ensure we deliver the highest standard of fire and rescue service to our communities.

“It was a great opportunity to recreate a realistic scenario which allows firefighters to refresh their skills and use the specialist and technical equipment.

“If a crane operator was injured then that is exactly how we would do it – the whole team did a great job out there.”

Area Manager Alan Fairbairn was delighted with the outcome of the exercise and thanked Graham Construction for the opportunity to carry out the vital training.

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