New control room recruits bolster Scottish Fire and Rescue Service emergency response

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Chief Officer Alasdair Hay welcomes 13 new control room recruits

Control recruits

Chief officer Alasdair Hay has welcomed 13 new control room recruits – who will stand on the front line to protect the public.

They will be the first point of contact for people across the country at times of emergency including fires, floods and road traffic accidents.

The group arrived at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s national training facility at Cambuslang on Monday where they met with Chief Officer Hay as their intensive training begins.

Some of the recruits will go on to join the experienced team at Dundee control along with colleagues who are transferring there from Inverness and Aberdeen.

And the rest will head to Johnstone and Edinburgh where they will also shadow highly-skilled staff before heading back to Cambuslang.

The recruits will then build on their training by learning further skills such as advanced fire survival guidance – advising someone trapped in a burning building as firefighters endeavour to reach them.

Chief Officer Hay said: “I am absolutely delighted to welcome these new recruits onto our first national training course for control room recruits.

“This course represents yet another step forward for our national service – further strengthening our response to a whole range of emergencies as they arise anywhere across the country.”

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