10 ways to stay safe at T in the Park 2016

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Our top tips for staying safe at this year's festival


Scotland’s biggest music festival kicks off today as thousands of people flock to Perthshire for T in the Park 2016.

As ever the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will be working closely with festival organisers, Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service and Perth & Kinross Council to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.

We’ve picked out ten top tips to help keep you safe at this year’s event:

  • DO ensure you camp within the designated areas and keep pathways and fire lanes CLEAR.
  • DO NOT pitch tents too close together. If a fire was to occur this can prevent it spreading.
  • DO NOT bring flares or smoke devices. You will be arrested and charged by the police if you are caught. They are dangerous and could cause serious harm to you or those around you.
  • DO NOT set campfires. Fire can spread quickly and campfires can have fatal consequences, particularly in crowded areas.
  • DO NOT bring any gas canisters, generators (unless fitted in campervans) or camping stoves into the festival.
  • DO NOT take disposable BBQs into your tent as they can give off harmful carbon monoxide during and after use. These are permitted in the campsite fire lanes only, however TITP management can confiscate these if used irresponsibly.
  • DO NOT use candles in or near a tent - torches are safer.
  • DO NOT smoke inside tents.  Fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds.  A dropped cigarette could cause your tent to ignite.
  • DO cook a safe distance from the tent walls as they could easily catch fire.  Never cook inside a small tent.
  • DO make sure everyone knows how to put out clothing that’s on fire – stop, drop and roll.

Have fun, enjoy your weekend and - above all - STAY SAFE.

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