Gaelic Language Plan 2016-21 Consultation

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The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) wants people throughout the country to share their views. A public consultation on the SFRS Gaelic Language Plan 2016-21 is now open.


During the consultation SFRS will engage directly with key stakeholders across Scotland to hear their thoughts on what its priorities should be.

It's easy to take part, simply visit our dedicated Gaelic Language Plan to complete our online survey. The six week consultation closes on 02 January 2017 and your views matter and we hope you will help us shape our approach to working with the Gaelic language medium.

Gaelic is in daily use in domestic, social and professional domains in Scotland and can call on 2,000 years of rich, continuous and evolving tradition. 

The purpose of implementing a Gaelic language plan is to increase the capacity of your organisation to support the usage, status and acquisition of Gaelic in respect of its functions, as well as your potential to contribute to the language corpus. In the study of minority languages, these four concepts (Usage, Status, Acquisition and Corpus) are regarded as fundamental to their protection and revitalisation. 

These concepts will be realised practically through the implementation of your Plan in the areas of policy development, service delivery and other operational processes (including the key areas of corporate identity, communications, publications, and staff). The broad outcome is the visual and audible mainstreaming of Gaelic in Scotland.


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