DACO Peter Heath answers recruitment questions on twitter

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Senior officer provides personal advice to those wanting to join the SFRS

DACO Peter Heath answered questions this morning - Thursday, November 23 about the upcoming #PeopleLikeYou wholetime firefighter recruitment campaign. 



See his answers below:


Q: I've passed all the online exams in the past when applying for the retained when applying again for whole time would I need to sit them again?

Q: Is there a stand out personal attribute that you're hoping to gain from applicants this time round? 

Q: Have you any tips and tricks for filling in the application form? and also how likely are you to get posted to your preferred location?  

Q: Can people outside the UK apply for a wholetime firefighter position? 

Q: 1) In the application and the interview, is it better to focus on situations related to work/study but not to emergencies OR family/friends/voluntary work and emergencies/care 2) tips for those with no experience of practical aspects of selection process


Q: What stations are you looking to recruit for and what are the shifts like ?

Q: What is the upper age limit and qualifications needed? 


Q: What's the best thing about being a firefighter?

Q: Out of all the initial applications, roughly what percentage move on the mathematical stage?

Q: Is 34 too old to be applying for the role of whole time firefighter? 

Q: Would being only 18 affect my chances in comparison to someone who has a bit more life experience? 

Q: Will there be any evening firefighter information events held?

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are going to be applying in the upcoming recruitment process? 

Q: Can you wear glasses or contact lenses when being a firefighter?


Q: How many vacancies are known to be available.? will this year be even harder to get in due to the people in last years pool getting priority?

Q: If I am successful and I am invited to training what would be the training dates?

Q: Can you tell me the salary? 

Q: Would having a criminal record for a motoring offence make me ineligible? 

Q: Would you say the role of whole time firefighter is now a lot about fire prevention and education?

Q: Based on current and upcoming campaigns, which age group would gaining experience with be most valuable?

Q: Might using situations drawn from your involvement with disabled people's organisations as a disabled person affect your interview negatively? is any disclosure of disability still secret at interview stage?


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