Youngsters learn life-saving skills thanks to Kilmarnock firefighters

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A group of Ayrshire school pupils have learned valuable lifesaving skills – thanks to Kilmarnock firefighters.

Kids Doing CPRCPR: Youngsters were encouraged to take their new skills forward and build on their ambitions

Doon Academy pupils build confidence and teamwork at Firereach course.

A group of Ayrshire school pupils have learned valuable lifesaving skills – thanks to Kilmarnock firefighters.

The Doon Academy pupils learned how to do CPR and working effectively as a team during the week long course at the town’s station.

The youngsters also got an up-close look at the work of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the day-to-day training of firefighters.

Local Senior Officer James Scott praised their efforts - and told how firefighters across Scotland serve as important role models in their communities.

He said: “You can see real changes in these youngsters over such a short period of time on this course.

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“They tend to arrive as individuals, but leave the course working to a very high standard as a team.

“There is absolutely no doubt that it instils in them a real confidence, encouraging them to reach for future ambitions and become responsible adults of the future.”

The youngsters learned how even small fires affect a community, endangering the lives of the public and emergency responders as well as the impact of hoax calls.

They also got the chance to see first-hand how firefighters handle road traffic collisions, making them aware of the impact of drivers – or their passengers – acting recklessly on the roads.

During the course, local firefighters taught the teenagers vital first aid skills alongside partners from the Scottish Ambulance Service, including how to perform CPR.

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Police Scotland also contributed with Internet Safety, stranger danger and attacks on emergency service workers and the consequences.

LSO Scott added: “Our firefighters, above all else, care about preventing harm to individuals and the community as a whole. They have a unique position in the community and can play their part in creating positive outcomes.

“By lending a guiding hand, and working with our partners, we hope to help young adults make informed and positive choices for themselves and their communities and even change public perception of youngsters for the better.”

Each station in the country carries a CPR demonstration kit, which includes a mannequin and instructional DVD donated by the British Heart Foundation.

To learn more, contact your local fire station.

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