Your Service... Your Voice - Dunfermline residents have their say on the future of SFRS

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We take to the streets of Scotland's communities

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has launched a consultation seeking to gather public opinions on the safe and planned transformation of SFRS to meet modern risks.

The UK’s largest fire and rescue service wants to find out everyone’s views as it prepares to bring in sweeping changes designed to support firefighters to do more to protect Scotland’s communities.

The ‘Your Service, Your Voice’ consultation will run from February 13 to May 14, and we recently sought the views from the public in Dunfermline.


Olive Ferguson, 42, originally from Castleisland, County Kerry, is a trained veterinary nurse and mum to three-year-old Saoirse.

She said: “I am very aware that the firefighters do more than just respond to fires.

“It takes the pressure off the other emergency services and they do a great job.

“I’d be more than happy to complete the consultation and encourage others to do so – It is important for our community.”


Fiona Burns, 55 from Dunfermline is registered disabled and is a full time mum to two grown up boys and her canine - nine-year-old Labrador Sally.

She said: “Firefighters are heroes!  Terrorism is a big threat and it is absolutely important that firefighters are trained to deal with it so they can not only save others but also to save themselves.

“I will be filling in the consultation when it is available.”


Retired Dunfermline housewife Mary Derrick, 81 was delighted with the service the firefighters gave her from a recent home fire safety visit.

She said: “The firefighters were great fixing new smoke alarms in the house. 

It made me feel so much safer.

“I had a fire in my chimney a few years ago and that was a bit scary but the

 firefighters were fantastic.

“They do such a good service and I would fill in the consultation and I wouldn’t write rubbish.”


Aileen Proudfoot, 50 is a catering assistant at a local Dunfermline school.

She said: “I have nothing but positive things to say about the fire service.  They help you in all sorts of situations not just fires.

“They definitely don’t get paid enough especially when they put their lives at risk for idiots who abuse them.  It’s disrespectful and wrong.

“The world is changing and we need to change with it.  I see it as a benefit and I’m happy to encourage people to give their views.”



Dunfermline hairdresser Carol Sharp, 51 would also encourage everyone to take part in the consultation.

She said: “I absolutely take my hat off to the firefighters.  There are less fires now because of the good work they do with the home fire safety visits.

“To help them we need to tell them what we think so I am more than happy to take part in the consultation.”

Hedgehog rehabilitator Nadia, 33 who run her own hedgehog hospital in Rosyth said: “Firefighters are amazing and brave people who go to car accidents and cut people out.

“I also heard recently that they are helping the ambulance service by doing more first aid and CPR and that can only be a positive thing.

“Yeah I will fill in the consultation and recommend.”


To view and take part in the consultation visit:

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