SFRS warns switch off before you head off on holiday

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Remember to switch off before you head off on holiday

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people to switch off before they go on holiday.

When making a list of what to pack for your holiday, take a moment to list what you need to switch off and unplug.

Prevent a fire in your home by turning off all non-essential appliances and remove plugs before leaving your property.

Make sure not to leave glass items in the windows of your home as the sun can be magnified through these and start a fire when you’re not there.

In case there is a fire, reduce the spread by closing all internal doors and check that smoke alarms are working so that neighbours will be alerted as soon as possible.

Let your neighbour know you’re going to be away and if you can, leave a key with them.

Read our safety advice and enjoy your holiday - /your-safety/safer-summer.aspx

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