Orkney firefighters to hold community safety and recruitment event on Hoy

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By Sean Rooney

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Island firefighters are hosting an event to shine a spotlight on the importance of fire safety in the home.

Firefighters in Hoy area are urging communities on the island - and across Orkney - to reach out for vital fire safety advice.

The event, which will take place across August 14 and 15, will see crews promoting Home Fire Safety Visits, and encouraging recruitment for retained firefighters in the area.

During a visit, firefighters can identify potential hazards, pass on vital safety advice and install free smoke detectors where appropriate.

Iain Macleod is Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's Local Senior Officer for the Westen Isles, Orkney and Shetland.

Emphasising the importance of the scheme, he said: “Home Fire Safety Visits allow firefighters to help keep people safe within their homes.

"We are keen to pass on potentially life-saving advice to everyone, but are particularly keen to meet with the more elderly and vulnerable members of our communities.

"Ultimately, these visits allow us to support people to live independently in their homes."

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The public appeal comes after a recent fire which sadly claimed the life of a man on June 12th.

LSO Macleod said: "Our thoughts and condolences remain firmly with the family and friends - and with everyone in our tightknit community who was affected.

"We have worked tirelessly to reduce accidental dwelling fires across Scotland, but one incident is, of course, is one too many.

"We are acutely aware of the importance of our role in helping people remain safe within their homes and are passionate about our prevention efforts.

"As an organisation we exist to help keep our communities safe and that is why I cannot stress enough the value of organising a Home Fire Safety Visit. 

"They are the cornerstone of our prevention efforts."

LSO Macleod also highlighted that the service continues to recruit retained and volunteer firefighters, in Hoy and across the islands.

He said: "We would, of course, take this opportunity to stress our ongoing commitment to recruiting firefighters and we would encourage anyone interested in joining to contact their local fire station.

"Our Retained and Volunteer Duty System firefighters are individuals who commit to their local communities, and I am very grateful for the time that they give to protecting people across Orkney.” 

For more on how we can help keep you safe, visit /your-safety/for-householders/home-fire-safety-visit.aspx

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