Latest £600,000 addition to Glasgow's fire engine fleet welcomed

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By Jamie Milligan

New Ariel Ladder Platform (ALP)

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has invested more than half a million pounds into keeping the city of Glasgow safe.

A £600,000 aerial ladder platform (ALP) will enable firefighters to tackle fire at heights of up to 32 metres.

Glasgow has been impacted by a number of high profile fires in recent years - which have required firefighters to work safely at height.

Firefighters used specialist height vehicles while fighting the significant Govan tyre fire, which saw crews pour half a million litres of water onto the blaze.

The extent of the fire was so extreme it became visible from space.

Officially on the run as of this week, the ALP will be one of the busiest engines in Glasgow, attending fires in various tall buildings across the city.

Stuart McQueen, the SFRS’s Group Manager for the City of Glasgow, welcomed this “vital” addition to the SFRS fleet.

He said: “This is a significant investment for the city of Glasgow.

“This appliance can act as a platform for firefighting at a height of up to 32 metres.

“But it can also act as a vital observation point for our firefighters and can help effect the rescue of members of the public.

“The introduction of this appliance is a positive step for helping to keep our communities safe, but it also ties in with the SFRS’s commitment to firefighter safety.

“Having this weapon in our armoury allows firefighters to fight fire within a multi-storey building externally, applying water onto the fire and improving conditions before committing crews internally.

“Ultimately, this is a vital addition to our existing fleet of emergency service vehicles and underlines the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s commitment to helping to keep both communities and firefighters safe.”

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