Fife firefighters launch safety drive for home-schooled pupils

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By Jamie Milligan

families standing for a group shot at a fire station, in front of an appliance

Fife firefighters have launched a drive to share potentially life-saving guidance with home-schooled pupils across the region.

Community crews regularly carry out a range of educational visits to schools throughout Scotland, where vital safety advice is shared across a number of areas.

With not all children attending mainstream schools, firefighters are making efforts to engage with families from every background.

As part of this commitment, staff at Glenrothes Fire Station recently welcomed a group of home-schooled pupils.

The children were provided with important safety advice, given a tour of the station, and even took part in target practise with a hose.

Crew Commander Gary Stewart, who helped organise the visits, said: “It’s vitally important for us to share potentially life-saving advice and guidance with all members of our communities.

“The children we welcomed are aged between four and 11 and represent a very diverse group, from a range of backgrounds.

“For us, this was a group of people who were potentially missing out on important advice.

“On the back of the visits, we’ve been able to carry out several home fire safety visits and install smoke detectors.

“It’s been a real success and has been well received by everyone involved.”

For Crew Commander Stewart, the work has been as satisfying as it is important.

He said: “It’s definitely right up there in terms of the most satisfying and feel good work we do.

“The children really enjoyed the visits and the parents were given some very important guidance.

“We need to ensure we reach everyone, in every community, right across Scotland.

“It’s vital to us that people know we are here to help and that we will be there when they reach out for help or assistance.”

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