Fire crews help share life-saving skills with 2000 young people

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By Jamie Milligan

Firefighters have shared life-saving skills with more than 2000 young people following an epic educational effort in Falkirk.

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Community crews took part in a week-long drive to display CPR techniques to pupils at Larbert High School as part of the school’s “Lifesaver’s Week”.

The sessions followed an effort to make teachers at the school CPR aware earlier this year.

Local Area Liaison Officer (LALO) Scott Williamson helped spearhead the efforts.

He said: “We want to instil confidence in people and show the best tactic is to do something.

“People maybe worry they won’t be able to help, but the truth is, without quick intervention, the person’s chances of surviving will diminish.

“This has been the biggest event I’ve been involved with, with about 2000 people in attendance – it’s been an amazing effort from the school and from the crews involved.

“The feedback has all been very popular and other high schools in the area have now indicated they would like to do the same.”

Through working with the British Heart Foundation, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has helped contribute to more than 500,000 people being made CPR aware across Scotland since 2015.

And, according to LALO Williamson, having the knowledge and composure to intervene in an emergency situation can be critical.

He said: “You may never have to use these skills, but if you do, having the confidence and skills to act can make a big difference.

“You may find yourself in a situation where it is your sibling or parent in need of assistance, you just never know – that’s why it pays to be CPR aware.

“It’s very rewarding work and among the most important work we do as community firefighters.”

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