Older people urged to consider life-saving telecare

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SCOTLAND’S fire and rescue service is calling on older people to make use of potentially life-saving technology.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is shining a spotlight on the benefits of telecare – a widely available piece of equipment that remotely alert emergency services in times of need.

The technology, which can be customised to suit an individual’s need, can be used to detect falls, heat and smoke and even movement.

This comes as the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service continues to promote a national Older People Month of Action throughout March, seeking to highlight and prevent the risk of harm to Scotland’s most elderly and vulnerable.

Stephen Wood is the SFRS’ Area Commander for Prevention and Protection.

He said: “Telecare can offer peace of mind for a vulnerable resident, helping them to live independently while providing the means of summoning assistance in times of need.

“It can also reassure family members and carers that an increased level of safety and protection has been introduced.”

Telecare packages can help a whole range of people including those who live alone, those with disabilities including mental health issues such as dementia, sensory impairment, limited mobility and people who are at risk from falling.

The basic equipment consists of a small unit that connects via a telephone line and a personal trigger alarm which can be worn or attached to clothing. Other monitoring sensors can then be linked wirelessly.

The system is monitored 24 hours a day by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and if a sensor is activated, or the personal trigger is activated, then a trained call handler will take the most appropriate action which could include a direct call to emergency services.

AC Wood added: “If you want to find out more visit the Telecare section on our website. 

“You’ll also find a link to the Telecare Self-Check Online Tool which helps you evaluate whether you, or someone you care for, could benefit from having a Telecare package installed. 

“If you’re not sure, or would rather speak to us, contact us now for a free Home Fire Safety Visit.

“Our staff can help you find any additional support you need to stay safe from fire and other hazards. 

“If you are worried about your own safety, or someone you know, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

“You won’t be wasting our time and you could help save a life.”

For more information on Telecare visit: /your-safety/telecare.aspx


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