Port Glasgow crews help provide essentials to those suffering fall-out of COVID-19

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Firefighters are helping to provide food and key supplies to people suffering the financial fallout of COVID-19.

Crews at Port Glasgow station made the decision to donate shopping vouchers to a local voluntary group helping to provide essentials to homes across the town.

Working in partnership with their local Tesco store, crews have been able to provide a timely boost to families struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The donation has been welcomed by local charity workers.

Crew Commander Nairn Lochhead helped organise the initiative.

He said: "I know how difficult it can be to get food for my own house during this and thought to myself how much harder it must be for people who have been furloughed or laid off.

"As a crew, we all felt that doing this could be a way to help the community directly.

"We worked in partnership throughout the whole process with Tesco and I'd like to thank them for their help with enabling this to happen.

"The voluntary group have been extremely grateful. They are really proactive and are trying to reach out to the community.

"Hopefully this can help a number of families.

"They were starting to run out of some supplies before we made the donation.

 "We will do what we can to help during this criris."


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