SFRS rope rescue experts reach the dizzy heights of Edinburgh Castle

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With the capital city beneath them, nine Scottish Fire and Rescue Service colleagues scaled the heights of Edinburgh Castle to complete a top training course in rope rescue.

Under the supervision of Watch Commander David Luti, who is based at Newbridge Training Centre, they were given special permission to use the world famous landmark to deliver the rope rescue supervisors course.

Tweeting on the afternoon of September 23, the team posted, 'Fabulous venue in the capital today for our training'.

WC Luti said: "Edinburgh Castle is a great place to work at height.

"Only those with a lot of experience in rope rescue are considered for this course.

"On completion, participants are equipped with the skills to oversee incidents involving rope rescue systems, making critical decision to keep everyone safe."

WC Luti added: "We usually draw attention from tourists visiting the city when we do this so quite literally the eyes of the world can be on you and we have to be at our best.

"We have someone acting as a live casualty and we work as a team to bring that person to safety up over the walls of the castle, which is a real challenge."

Other prominent sites used for SFRS rope rescue training include the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena at Ratho, the cliffs at Aberdour in Fife and Salisbury Crags at Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

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