Meet our latest trainee - Coorie!

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A new four-legged trainee has been added to Scotland’s Fire Service

Coorie a young Malinois Belgian Shephard is now in training to join Mac as an urban search and rescue dog within SFRS.

With a two-year training schedule ahead of him the young pup has lots to learn but will be taught by experienced handler and Crew Commander Gary Carroll.

Born on March 28 little Coorie will be trained to detect live Human scent.

By using training techniques involving play, the young pup will make the link between discovering live human scent and his reward – his toy.

Crew Commander Gary Carroll said: “It’s an extremely exciting time and training began as soon as I got him.

“I’m always looking for a dog with a high play drive as it builds a strong desire from the dog to be rewarded.

“Straight away Coorie showed that and is performing extremely well so far.”

Over the next two years, Coorie will take part in a number of training events as well as environmental training that will get him used to different surfaces and sounds both indoors and outdoors.

The duo has amassed over 90 dog years’ experience so far and will hopefully pass some good traits onto their new colleague.If he is successful after a grading process he will join already qualified Mac and follow in the footsteps of retired urban search and rescue dog Diesel.

Crew Commander Gary Carroll and Mac are on-call for incidents across Scotland but are also part of a UK International Search and Rescue team.

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