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East LEDPs

LEDPs provide information on how we are engaging with businesses in your area.

They are fundamental in delivering our risk based inspection programme and prioritising enforcement activities in accordance with the Fire Safety Enforcement (Protection) Framework for Scotland 2021.

This approach will ensure that the service we deliver is driven by consultation in line with SFRS expectations and ensures our staff safely, effectively and efficiently support the communities we serve. LEDPs are subject to regular review and are adaptable to target emerging risks and support developments in the Service’s strategy for delivering fire safety enforcement.

If you would like a copy of your Local Enforcement Delivery Plan in a different format please our general enquiry form.

East of Scotland Local Enforcement Delivery Plan (LEDPs)
City of Edinburgh 2021-22
Mid/East Lothian and Scottish Borders 2020-21
Stirling, Clacks and Fife 2020-21