Environment and carbon

Our commitment to environment and carbon

Our commitment to Net-Zero

We've set out long-term plan to guide us to becoming a carbon-neutral organisation.

The Scottish Government is committed to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2045.

We've pledged a reduction of 6% per annum until 2030, an overall 75% reduction. Our five-year Carbon Management Plan outlines projects and initiative to aid this target. Our plan shares our longer-term plan show we will support local communities in managing the impacts of climate change.

Our main sources of carbon emissions are:

  • heating and powering our estate
  • fuelling our fleet

We continue to take steps to tackle these areas.

Investing in renewable technologies

To make our buildings more energy efficient, we are:

  • Installing smart heating controls in fire stations
  • Providing more roof solar panels
  • Improving building insulation
  • Switching our national training centre to a biomass boiler. This means heating the building using sustainably sourced materials.

Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure network

As funding becomes available, our network of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure expands.

We have received more than £2million of funding to date. The Scottish Government's Switched on Fleets initiative has provided:

  • £625,000 in 2019 from the Energy Savings Trust to buy charging points for nine locations.
  • £2,095million in 2020 from Transport Scotland to lease 62 low-emission electric cars over three year. Also, to expand our charging infrastructure at 49 locations.
  • Scotland's first electric-powered fire appliance will soon be on the run. It is funded by Transport Scotland, supported by Scottish Enterprise. It was built by Emergency One in Ayrshire.

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