The SFRS will celebrate 200 years of the Scottish fire service this year

Bicentenary 2024

This year marks the bicentenary of the world’s first municipal fire and rescue service, formed in Edinburgh in October 1824. 

We will mark this historic occasion with a wealth of exciting and educational events across the year, alongside the Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage and heritage teams across the country.

The Service will also host staff and invited guests in a special service in St Giles’ Cathedral on Wednesday, 23 October.

The programme of events is an opportunity to celebrate Scotland’s - and our Service’s - proud heritage, including the innovations and people that built the foundations of the modern Service we have today.

In the months leading up to the bicentenary event we will be releasing a programme of content looking at the history of fire and rescue in Scotland, stories from the people behind the uniform and upcoming events.

Our Chief Officer, Ross Haggart, spoke about the bicentenary last year at the 199th anniversary, you can view his video below.

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A full programme of exciting and educational events is in place for the the year, alongside the Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage, heritage teams across the country and partners such as the Museum of Edinburgh.

We will hold a service at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh to celebrate the world’s fire municipal fire and rescue service that was created in Edinburgh.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 23 October, where we will have several guests at the Cathedral and pay tribute to firefighters and the legacy of prominent figures in fire service history, such as James Braidwood.

There is fun for all ages as the events will include everything from guided tours, educational talks and even paint-your-own helmet days.

Book your place now on the Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage website or on the Museum of Edinburgh’s events page.