Bedtime checks

Simple bedtime checks to prevent potential fire hazards

Bedtime checklist

Before going to bed, you can help keep your family safe by checking your home for potential fire hazards. This will only take a few minutes, but it can help keep everyone safe while you sleep. 

Follow these simple bedtime checks to help keep your home safe. 

  1. Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances not designed to be left on overnight. 
  2. Stub out all cigarettes and always empty ashtrays. Pour water over cigarette ends and matches before putting them in the bin outside. 
  3. Put fireguards around open fires. Do not build-up the fire before you go to bed. 
  4. Switch off any portable heaters.
  5. Switch off any electric blankets, unless it’s marked ‘suitable for all night use’.
  6. Close all doors – it can keep your escape route free from smoke and may stop a fire spreading. 
  7. Make sure the main door keys are to hand. 
  8. Extinguish open flames such as candles, oil lamps, and incenses sticks. 
  9. Only use laptops and devices on hard surfaces so the air vents can let the heat escape. They should also be unplugged before bed.  
  10. Never charge your mobile phone while you are asleep, or charge it and leave under your pillow.

Fire escape plan

There is always a risk of fire. By having an escape plan in place, you can minimise the risks and ensure that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire, which can happen at any time, and it can spread quickly, leaving little time to react. Bedtime checks can help reduce the risk of fire, but it is always better to have an escape plan ready.  

Our escape plan page gives you more details on how to make your own.  

Fire alarm checks 

Ensure your alarms are in working order. Every week you should test your smoke and heat alarms by pressing the ‘test’ button. If it doesn’t sound, fit a new battery. All interlinked alarms should sound when testing. If they don't sound, fit a new alarm. 

You can find more information on looking after your smoke alarms in our smoke and heat alarms.

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