Fire doors

An important part of building safety, find out how they help and what to look for

What they are and why you need them

A closed door may restrict fire spread by holding back fire and smoke.

A fire door is fire re-resisting and rated by performance to fire when tested to an appropriate standard.

The fire-resistance of a door includes all of the doorset components. This includes the frame, glazing, side-panels, transoms, and ironmongery.

A self-closing device is a normal feature of a fire door. Some doors, such as cupboards, should be kept locked when not in use.

In some cases, existing doors may be suitable. While not meeting the specification for a fire door, are of substantial construction and close fitting. Some existing doors may have the potential to be upgraded to the acceptable fire-resisting standard. Existing domestic panel doors or doors may not be suitable for upgrading if they are:

  • warped
  • split
  • have substantial gaps around them

Remember there are rules and regulations about locks on doors.