Methods of construction fire safety

Why you should ensure the correct building materials are being used

Construction should always take into account the threat of fire

Any aspect of construction needs to take into account the threat of fire. This is for the safety of both people using the building and for emergency responders themselves.

Building firms are in an ideal position to support the work of firefighters. They can do so by being vigilant and spotting any flaws in a building's structure.

Using the correct building materials can also reduce the risk or severity of any potential fire.

Prevent fire when installing low carbon technology

Any new technology should be installed in line with instructions. This includes the installation of low carbon equipment like solar panels. The same applies to biomass boilers and stoves. If in doubt, always check manufacturing guidelines.

Restricting the spread of fire within buildings

The majority of people who die in fires are overcome by smoke. Smoke can spread rapidly through any openings or gaps in a building. Smoke can obscure vision and block escape routes in the event of an emergency.

Building firms can use vigilance and expertise to ensure any openings are filled. In particular, a structure's roof space and foundations should be considered.

Openings or service penetrations need to be built with the risk of fire in mind.