Road safety

In addition to fires, we also handle serious road traffic collisions.

Road Safety

It's not just fires that we deal with, we also respond to serious road traffic collisions.

Our firefighters are trained to rescue injured people trapped in vehicles and deliver life-saving first aid.

We also deliver road safety education and advice to help people reduce their risk of being involved in an RTC. We do this by working with a broad range of partner agencies including Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service and local councils.

Driving safely

There are many factors that can impact on your driving. These can include becoming distracted, drink driving or bad weather.

To drive safely on the road, we recommend that you:

  • never use a mobile phone which is not hands-free while driving
  • even using hands-free isn't totally safe - we’d recommend you turn your device off and keep it out of sight
  • eating, drinking and smoking reduces your reaction time
  • set your sat nav or your sound system before you drive
  • always wear your seatbelt and make sure your passengers do as well
  • reduce your speed if it’s been raining or the roads are icy

Road Safety Scotland's video is a valuable insight into the importance of road safety education.

Further resources

There are a range of resources online to find out more about staying safe on the road: