How to report wildfires

Guide to reporting wildfires if you are outdoors or at home, and how to report suspicious behaviour

What to do if you discover a wildfire

If you discover a wildfire, it is important to know the right steps to take. This can help firefighters respond quickly and effectively. Here's what to do, whether you discover a wildfire outdoors or at home.

Reporting a wildfire, you see outdoors

  1. Safety first: Position yourself away from the fire, smoke, and any vegetation. If you are in your car, close all windows and vents. 
  2. Call 999 immediately: Request the Fire Service.
  3. Stay calm, be detailed: Clearly state your location (road names, landmarks, or use a locator app like What3Words). Describe the fire's size and direction of spread.
  4. Do not fight the fire:Wildfires are unpredictable and dangerous. Leave the firefighting to us, it’s what we are trained to do.
  5. Stay far away from the wildfire: The fire can smoulder or spread underground. 

Reporting a wildfire near your home

  1. Stay calm, stay safe: Don't fight the fire; prioritize your own safety.
  2. Close up, call for help: Shut doors and windows (but don't lock them) to slow the fire's spread. Call 999 and give your exact location (address and/or map coordinates).
  3. Evacuate if needed: If the fire threatens your home, follow your escape plan, and leave the area.

Reporting suspicious behaviour

Sadly, some wildfires are set intentionally or caused by recklessness.

If you see or suspect someone in the countryside acting suspiciously or irresponsibly contact Police Scotland on 101 or Scotland Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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