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  1. Businesses and landlords

    Information for businesses about fire safety legislation and the steps you need to take to stay fire safe

    29 August 2023 Landing
  2. Fire sprinkler systems

    Find out what is really true about fire sprinkler systems and how they can keep your business safe

    29 August 2023 Article
  3. FAQs reducing unwanted fire alarm signals

    A collection of frequently asked questions around UFAS

    31 August 2023 Article
  4. Dutyholder event - Time for change

    Details of the dutyholder event

    28 September 2023 Article
  5. Building trade safety

    Fire safety legislation applies to virtually all premises and covers nearly every type of building and structure. Find out how you can reduce your fire risk and keep people safe.

    4 September 2023 Landing
  6. Methods of construction fire safety

    Why you should ensure the correct building materials are being used

    29 August 2023 Article
  7. Hot works

    Advice and guidance on how to manage hot works

    29 August 2023 Article
  8. Fire detection systems and alarm systems

    Why you should ensure that proper fire detection and alarm systems are in place on your property

    28 September 2023 Article
  9. Fire doors

    An important part of building safety, find out how they help and what to look for

    2 October 2023 Article
  10. General information for building trade safety

    31 August 2023 Article