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  1. Electrical safety

    Practical tips and guidance to help identify potential hazards and prevent electrical fires in your home.

    29 September 2023 Article
  2. Candle safety

    Essential tips and guidelines for safely using candles, tea-lights, oil lamps, and essential oil burners.

    29 September 2023 Article
  3. Carbon monoxide detectors

    Learn where to place carbon monoxide detectors in your home and what to do if you smell gas.

    29 September 2023 Article
  4. Support for carers

    Help identify and protect people who would not be able to respond to a fire effectively and protect those who can't respond effectively

    28 September 2023 Article
  5. Chimneys

    Proper chimney care and maintenance helps prevent damage and household fires. Find out how to care for yours.

    29 September 2023 Article
  6. Rented accomodation

    Details on what tenants and private landlords need to do to make sure that the property is fire safe.

    28 September 2023 Article
  7. Smoking

    Learn how to reduce the risk of fires as a result of smoking

    29 September 2023 Article
  8. Emollients

    Emollients increase the fire risk when they come into contact with fabric, heat, or flames. Learn how to use them safely.

    25 September 2023 Article
  9. Bedtime checks

    Simple bedtime checks to prevent potential fire hazards

    29 September 2023 Article
  10. Businesses and landlords

    Information for businesses about fire safety legislation and the steps you need to take to stay fire safe

    29 August 2023 Landing