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Open Fires and Stoves

Open Fires and Stoves

You should always:

  • Fit a Carbon Monoxide detector in all rooms where there is an open fire or stove
  • Keep all furniture at least three feet away from your fire
  • Put the fire guard up if you feel sleepy
  • Let fires burn down before going to bed – and don’t forget to put the guard up
  • Keep the guard up at all times if you have children or pets
  • Have your chimney swept at least once a year - twice if you use it lots
  • Check your hearth regularly – if it’s cracked, have it fixed professionally

You should never:

  • Leave a lit fire unattended without a fireguard
  • Use flammable liquids like barbecue lighter fuel to light a fire
  • Throw flammable liquids or spray cans onto the fire
  • Use building or packing timber as firewood – it’s very sparky
  • Dry clothes over or in front of the fire – they could catch light
  • Place mirrors over the fire – people stand too close and risk setting clothes on fire

For stoves, you should also:

  • Replace any cracked door glass or casings immediately
  • Always use certified fire glass in stove doors
  • Use the right type of fuel (using coal in wood stoves can damage them)
  • Be careful not to leave flammable items like clothes and paper on top of the stove