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Multi-Storey Flats

You should always have a fire escape plan and know what to do in an emergency. Make sure your flat is as fire and smoke proof as it can be, ensuring that you keep hazards and obstructions clear from doors and hallways.

We can provide essential information about smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms.

If a fire is in your flat

  • Follow your fire escape plan
  • Shout to alert the household and get out quickly
  • If smoke is present keep low, crawl if you need to get below the smoke level
  • Close doors behind you including the front door to prevent smoke and fire spread
  • Don’t return to investigate or fight the fire
  • Don’t use the lifts always take the stairs to exit the building

Call 999 as soon as you are in a safe place.

If a fire is not in your flat

  • If a smoke alarm is sounding in a communal area or you smell smoke call the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Stay in your flat and keep the front door closed
  • Pack a towel or sheets around the bottom of the front door to stop smoke getting in
  • Go to an open window and wait for the arrival of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Only leave the safety of your flat if you're affected by heat or smoke, or if you're told to leave by firefighters or the Police.

If you are trapped

  • In the unlikely event of becoming trapped by fire in your home, go to your “safe room“ and gather everyone there
  • Call the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service as soon as possible and protect the room by packing bedding or towels around the door to help block the smoke
  • Open the window to breathe clean air and try attracting attention by waving a sheet
  • Gather on a balcony if one is accessible

If there is a fire don't be alarmed by the scale of our presence as we need a large amount of resources to get our equipment from the ground up to the floor of the fire. DO NOT JUMP we will be on our way.

You are at no more risk of having a house fire than those living in other types of houses.

If you live in a multi-storey flat that has a lift - NEVER use it when evacuating the building


Our External Cladding Statement

We have received a number of enquiries regarding a need for homeowners to provide an assessment of external cladding material on their property to financial lenders. In response to these enquiries, we have produced the following position statement.

Grenfell Inquiry phase 1 recommendations

The Scottish Government recently published its response to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 recommendations produced for Scottish Ministers by the Scottish Government Grenfell Inquiry Fire Safety Working Group (GIFSWG). This can be found here.

For more information on fire safety, check out