Our wildfire strategy

Learn about our wildfire strategy for preventing and dealing with wildfires in Scotland.

Wildfire strategy

Our new wildfire strategy was created with partnership at its heart. The strategy considers the increased risk of wildfire and changing climate in Scotland; the latest developments in wildfire management, training, and operational procedures; and the advances in technology that have been made in PPE and equipment.

A large tree stands leafless and burnt in an emply field

How we are equipped to deal with wildfires

We use a tiered response to ensure that wildfires are dealt with quickly and efficiently. This includes using the latest technology and techniques to safely bring the incident to a conclusion. Our approach uses 4 Tiers.

  • Tier 1 Stations: General first responder firefighting, hose, beaters, water back packs 
  • Tier 2 Stations: Sprinter vans with wildfire suppression and management equipment. This includes leaf blowers, excavation tools, beaters and lighting
  • Tier 3 Stations: Ford Ranger with polaris ATV with fogging lance unit on trailer.  
  • Teir 4: Wildfire Tactical Advisors

What we do at wildfires

The approach that is taken by the Incident Commander will consider many different factors. This includes weather, location, life and property, critical infrastructure, and the terrain. 

Our primary concern will always be life safety. This takes precedence over all factors of the approach taken. 

Where there is support offered by non-fire service personnel, we will aim to incorporate that support into our plans in a safe and managed way. We will always do so in a way that doesn't compromise anyone's safety. 

Community Asset Register

Want to make a difference and contribute to your community when emergencies, such as wildfires, strike?

Join the Community Asset Register. It's a Scotland wide database of volunteers willing to help during an emergency. Our Community Asset Register page contains information for you to register and help contribute to the safety of your local community.

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